Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is a lush haven tucked away in the center of the Universal Orlando Resort. 

With thrilling water rides and diversions for visitors of all ages, this immersive water park is highlighted by a magnificent 200-foot-tall volcano. 

Take a relaxing float down the Kopiko Wai Winding River or ride the Krakatau Aqua Coaster for an adrenaline rush. 

Volcano Bay offers more than 30 unique experiences, including slides, swimming pools, and play zones. 

Additionally, you no longer need to lug a bulky tube around because TapuTapu wearable technology lets you hold your position in line and activate special effects with a simple tap. 

Therefore, head to Volcano Bay at Universal Studios and have fun!

The famous Waturi people sought a new island home and the ideal island paradise far and wide. 

Universal’s water park—Volcano Bay, themed after a tropical island paradise- offers excitement and relaxation.

The park has four distinct sections, and the 200-foot-tall Krakatau volcano dominates them. It is a spectacular place to be.

The 28-acre waterpark is only a quarter the size of Islands of Adventure or Universal Studios Florida. Still, it offers an experience worth spending a full day or two partial days there.  

With different lighting effects making the underwater eruptions and cascade flowing down the primary volcano of Krakatau appear like lava, Volcano Bay at night is a spectacle one must not miss.

At Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay, all rides aim to provide visitors with an exhilarating and immersive water park experience.

Universal’s Volcano Bay has longer hours of operation than Universal Orlando’s theme parks, Universal Studios Florida, and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Opening from 9 am to 9 pm during the summer, the park often opens late and closes early in the winter, around 5 pm.

However, Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay hours may change depending on the season and weather.

Learn more about the opening hours of all the Universal Orlando parks and plan your vacation accordingly.

Remember that this water park has a rich and fascinating backstory as well.

According to the narrative, the famous Waturi people sought a new island home and their ideal paradise far and wide. 

Fortunately, they found it at the Universal Orlando Resort’s Volcano Bay water theme park and introduced diverse slides and activities that honored water!

Get your Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay tickets in advance, avoiding the hassle of long lines at the ticket counter.

Rides and attractions

At Universal’s Volcano Bay, you can relax at lazy rivers or splash and dive at one of its many thrilling rides and attractions.

Other in-store activities for you at this themed waterpark include cannonballs, water balloons and water polo.

Unless otherwise stated, all ages and heights are welcome at Universal’s Volcano Bay adventures.

The Volcano

Universal’s Volcano Bay
Image: Vacatis.com

The breathtaking focal point of Universal’s Volcano Bay is the 200-foot-tall Krakatau volcano. 

The volcano, which stands for fire and water, is the focal point of this immersive park with flowing waterfalls.

It owes its name to the ancient volcanic island Krakatau (sometimes called Krakatoa) in the Sunda Strait, which connects the Indian Ocean with eastern Asia.

The Krakatau volcano delivers the height of adventure as the base point for four separate slides:

Krakatau Water Coaster – This water coaster is the first of its kind in Florida.

You will sprint into the core of the volcano’s dark peaks and valleys in a four-person canoe.

The ride will propel you up and down using linear induction motor technology with sharp twists and turns.

Ko’okiri Body Plunge –  Situated at the back of the volcano, this ride begins with a door opening beneath your feet.

It drops you tumbling 125 feet down a 70-degree slope into the volcano’s interior.

The best part is that you’ll be sliding through a pool filled with guests.

Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides – The back of the volcano includes these and interconnected body slides. 

A surprising door appears beneath you in each one, sending you to plunge through 124 feet of turns.

Punga Racers – This ride involves four enclosed slides where you will compete with three other people to reach the bottom.

You will sit on mats shaped like the enormous fish manta with broad fins.

The first competitor to cross the finish line will get a personal salute from Punga.

During peak summer, you can experience the charming ambience of Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay at night as the park comes alive with captivating lighting.

Study the Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay map to plan your day and navigate the water park’s exciting attractions and tropical paradise.

Wave Village

Wave Village is a calm and tranquil Volcano Bay Universal Studios Orlando section. 

It provides an ideal respite from the thrilling rides and intensity of the water park. 

The stunning lagoon-style pool in this peaceful haven has gentle waves, lush vegetation, and tropical plants encircling it. 

Take a break from the heat in one of its cozy cabanas or lounge chairs. Enjoy cool drinks and snacks from nearby food stands.

The Tot Tiki Reef play area is ideal for kids to frolic and have fun. 

Its relaxed ambiance and breathtaking views of the looming volcano make Wave Village an ideal tropical getaway.

Escape to Waturi Beach, tucked away at the foot of the enormous volcano, and the profound tranquility of the soothing crystal waters.

You will find sandy beaches, lush tropical vegetation, and other relaxing areas in Wave Village at the base of the Krakatau volcano.

Ko’okiri body plunge

Participate in an age-old ritual honoring Vol, the volcanic deity. 

You won’t anticipate the 125 feet of thrills and the 70-degree drop through a trapdoor. 

The rough descent culminates in a unique tribute with a water motif.

The Reef

You can see the Ko’okiri Body Plunge from the comfort of this serene recreation area, located next to Waterfall Cove’s waters.

Waturi beach

You can float, splash, or swim on a constant stream of ocean waves in a lush lagoon tucked away at the foot of the fabled Krakatau. 

It is a sizable, multi-directional wave pool with rented private cabanas.

River village

A beautiful river traverses this South Pacific town.

All ages will like it, especially the younger members of your crew.

River Village at Universal’s Volcano Bay is a favorite with kids since it has a range of water rides and other activities tailored to their age group. 

On a hot day, visitors can unwind and cool down in the area’s winding lazy river, mild water slides, and play area with water cannons and geysers. 

Children will also enjoy and be more excited by the village’s colorful and entertaining theming. 

Rides and attractions in this zone are suitable for small kids to adults. 

Honu ika Moana

Experience the Waturi tradition of riding sea turtles via underwater currents on Honu ika Moana.

This multi-person raft ride has exciting twists, turns and swells. 

While Ika Moana shoots water out of the center of the raft toward riders, Honu swishes up two gigantic walls. 

Both rides finish with a dive into glistening water.

Kopiko Wai winding river

You will pass through a lush tropical environment and even through the volcano as you float down the Kopiko Wai Winding River, where beautiful surprises await you.

Go to the Stargazer’s Cavern, where your TapuTapu lights up with a magical twist.

It will float over lava rocks and light water mist sprays.

Krakatau aqua coaster

The exhilarating water ride Krakatau Aqua Coaster at Universal’s Volcano Bay transports passengers into the volcano’s core. 

A four-person canoe is loaded with riders, driven up and down steep dips and through shadowy curves. 

Using magnetic technology in the ride’s operation raises the excitement level. 

Krakatau Water Coaster is a must-do attraction for any thrill-seeker visiting Volcano Bay since it offers breathtaking views of the park and an exhilarating ride experience.

You ascend through tropical mists and into the volcano’s dark, tortuous bends in four-person canoes. 

Enjoy roller coaster thrills as you emerge and dive into an incredible waterfall.

Runamukka Reef

Play around with precious bamboo marine life and drifting seaweed. 

Previously a magical coral reef beneath the sea, Runamukka Reef is a watery wonderland with bubbling geysers, water cannons, enjoyable slides, and dump cups. 

Children might always want to stay in this paradise.

Tot Tiki Reef

Younger Waturis will love splashing around with animated tikis equipped with spraying fountains and playing on toddler-sized water slides. 

Young children may create whimsy whales that spray and sing by raising or lowering their hands. 

The lovely play area is finished off with a little water volcano.

Rainforest village

Enter Rainforest Village to find the ideal blend of excitement and peaceful leisure. 

Adventures on rafts, rapid drop slides, frantic tubes, or drifting in a tranquil pool are available to visitors.

Kala & Tai Nui serpentine body slide

Take the plunge! On Kala and Tai Nui, set sail where the sea and the sky meet. 

Two visitors are propelled side by side through transparent, twisting tubes by twin trap doors. 

The exhilarating ride swirls passengers simultaneously before they plunge into the ocean-blue waters below.

Maku Puihi round raft rides

On a six-person raft, descend into a vast gorge formed by volcanic activity. 

Brace yourself for a release as rafts swirl into bowl-like formations after unexpected twists and turns in the dark.

One of the most distinctive attractions at Universal’s Volcano Bay, Maku, is the first saucer ride in North America.

It has two enormous “bowl” parts where the rafts spin around before plunging into a pool below. 

The ride offers breathtaking views of the volcano and the park and may hold up to six passengers per raft. 

In the language of the Waturi people, a mythical tribe that is supposed to have found Volcano Bay, the term “Maku Puihi” means “wet and wild.”

Ohyah and Ohno drop slides.

Slowly make your way up a cliff’s edge, where you’ll find more than just churning water. 

Before you know it, you’ll be hurtling down thrilling slides to a unique ride finale, including a 4-foot drop into a pool below!

Puka uli lagoon

A cool water plunge will help you unwind as bongo drums play in the background. 

In this crystal-clear leisure pool, you may cool down by floating or relaxing on a raft and enjoying water mists.

Punga racers

Travel through underwater sea caverns while gliding down four lanes of splash-filled fun on manta ray mats. 

Punga showers the race winner, who crosses the finish line first, with water-filled adulation!

Taniwha tubes – Tonga & Raki

The Taniwha Tubes are customized water slides made by the Waturi. 

They resemble the twisted roots of the tall puka trees. 

While naughty tiki idols spurt water unexpectedly, four twisting water slides create excitement and surprise.

TeAwa the fearless leader

Hold on to your inner tubes as you endure rapids and a wave-filled, fast-paced whitewater ride.

Prepare for a thrilling raft journey at this Volcano Bay Universal Studios Orlando attraction, ensuring an unforgettable aquatic adventure.


Dining volcano
Image: Universalorlando.com

After all the water activities, recharge at any one of the several dining outlets at Universal’s Volcano Bay.

You will find restaurants serving standard island fare, offbeat variations, and family-friendly food.

Don’t forget to check out Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay restaurant reviews before planning a trip. 

Checking them will ensure the best dining experience.

Some eating options offer mobile ordering through the official Universal Orlando Resort mobile app.

Kohola reef restaurant & social club

This fast-service restaurant is the closest eatery to the entrance. It serves Caribbean delicacies and casual meals like hamburgers.

Fresh island staples like Quinoa Edamame Burgers, Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken, and Mango BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches are also served here.

It is a special place that combines superb dining and social entertainment in a stunning beachside location. 

Its frequent music events and the menu of locally sourced products contribute to the lively ambiance.

Kunuku boat bar

Named after the mythological fish that led the Waturi islanders to Volcano Bay, this place lies at the backside of the park.

This permanently beached outrigger canoe offers a variety of beverages to quench your thirst.

It includes cool frozen drinks, specialty cocktails, fountain sodas, and draught beer.

Kunuku Boat Bar provides guests with a distinctive and revitalizing experience with its floating bar concept. 

The park’s lazy river is ideal for chilling out.

Visitors may sip tropical cocktails while floating on inner tubes in the pristine waters.

Whakawaiwai eats

Enjoy Island BBQ Chicken Pizza and other stunningly delectable temptations while dining beside the gorgeous river.

Tropical baby greens, pretzel dog and jerk shrimp mac & cheese are other food items available at the restaurant. 

You will also find shaded seats across the street with a view of Runamukka Reef’s backside. 

Whakawaiwai Eats’ specialty is the Island Chicken Sandwich, a grilled chicken breast in teriyaki glaze, pineapple, and roasted red peppers served on a toasted bun.


This fantastic, shaded retreat was expertly built by island builders using bamboo stalks. 

Enter here for a delectable range of quick and simple meals.

Choose from meals such as the Bambu Burger, Mahi Sandwich, or Island Chicken Salad.

The cool and tasty drinks at Bambu at Universal’s Volcano Bay are renowned for being served in distinctive, handcrafted cups. 

Its finest feature is the abundance of tropical and fruity tastes Bambu offers, such as the well-liked POG (passion fruit, orange, and guava) and the cooling Pineapple Coconut.

The Feasting Frog

Built like a tropical frog, this restaurant has patio seating for a relaxed dining experience.

You can sit on the patio and buy cool drinks and filling appetizers.

The menu includes a poke bowl, a carne asada taco, and loaded nachos.

The Feasting Frog is well-known for its selection of delectable dishes, like Island BBQ Sliders, Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken, and Poke Bowl. 

The cooling Dole Whip and different alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are also popular among visitors.

Dancing dragons boat bar

This stylish canteen is the perfect location to chill in the shade while sipping on iced drinks and tropical cocktails.

It exudes the design and feel of an antique outrigger canoe. It mimics a classical Polynesian canoe with dragon heads on the front and back. 

It’s no surprise that they serve tropical cuisine and drinks. 

Vol’s Fire Punch, a potent combination of Mt. Gay Rum, fresh pineapple juice, agave, Sprite and grenadine, is highly recommended.

Visitors can unwind in the shaded seating area of the bar while enjoying the view of the park’s attractions. 

Volcano Bay map

Take a comprehensive look at the water park’s attractions and amenities by downloading the pdf map of Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay.

Volcano Bay parking 

Parking for Universal Studios Orlando Volcano Bay is conveniently available for approximately $30 per vehicle. 

Since Volcano Bay doesn’t have a dedicated garage, upon exiting Interstate 4 from exits 75A or 74B, follow the signs to the main Universal parking garage. 

Once parked, simply follow the designated signs on foot to reach the vibrant world of Volcano Bay.

Featured Image: UniversalOrlando.com

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