Universal Studios Orlando Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is when lovers come together for a special day out where they give each other their undivided attention.

Everything else fades into the background as couples make each other their center of attention.

For a special day like this, many search for an appropriate location where they can enjoy together and have a good time.

Amusement parks are an option when exploring places to spend this day.

Amusement parks come with lots of features and couples can experience them all at one place with a visit to the park.

If you happen to be in Orlando on the 14th of February, Universal Studios Orlando can be that notable place where you spend time with your one and only.

Valentine’s Day at Universal Studios Orlando has the potential to be the most memorable one for you with all the features for you to enjoy.

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Like most parks, there is no explicit announcement of an event for Valentine’s Day but the park does offer itself as a great destination for a lovely time along with some special activities. 

Peruse the article to plan the best outing for your significant other based on the various attractions of the park.


Similar to its Hollywood and Singapore counterparts, Universal Orlando also has themed areas packed with joyful options.

The areas are based on popular movie and TV characters, along with various themed activities to indulge in. 

You can enjoy with your significant other in these areas that have themed merchandise, stores and even restaurants and food.

If the couples are movie fans, then it is even better as they get to experience rides and attractions based on popular movies.

Three Theme Parks  

Universal Orlando not just offers the various features of one amusement park but three. The Universal Orlando Resort has three amusement parks in its composition.

The three parks all have their variety and are distinct from each other as well. So, not only can you have a great time at Universal Orlando, but you can enjoy three different experiences all in the same trip.

Universal Studios Florida is an amusement park featuring various rides, attractions and shows.

Islands of Adventure is also a park with an intriguing theme. It features several islands, all themed after a movie franchise.

The Volcano Bay is a water park featuring four themed areas. These aren’t themed after movies, rather they are themed after Polynesian islands and their cultures.

A Universal Studios Orlando Valentine’s Day will, therefore, present a lot of exciting options for you to partake in as a couple.

Ride the roller coasters, motion simulation rides and much more together at Universal Studios Florida.

Enjoy thrilling rides at every island in the Islands of Adventure.

Go make a splash in the heated water at Volcano Bay in the four themed villages for a memorable time with your loved one.

The options are rich for a Valentine’s Day at Universal Studios Orlando. Indulge in one or more of these entertaining parks to have a romantic and hearty outing.

You can purchase multiple types of tickets for Universal Studios Orlando. There are single-day tickets, multiple-day tickets and park-to-park tickets

Choose your ticket based on the planned duration of your vacation.

Dine Together

A couples’ meal is a major highlight of Valentine’s Day. Enjoying a delicious meal in a quiet setting makes for an intimate experience.

Universal Studios Orlando Valentine’s Day special Wine & Dine dinners are offered at some hotels in the eight resorts at Universal Orlando.

Eat a tasty meal with your partner in a romantic setting for a cherishable memory. Live music and other entertainment are also available sometimes.

This would be a good way to bring your outing to a close.


The Universal CityWalk is something that you should check out. It is a pleasurable exploration made even better by having your lover by the side.

CityWalk is an entertainment and retail area that acts as a transition from the parking lot to the main entry.

It is available with most of the Universal theme parks around the world. The Universal CityWalk Orlando is more modern-styled as compared to other classic modern versions.

Discover fashionable items and find appealing sources of enjoyment, such as karaoke clubs and escape rooms.

This place acts as a preview of what you can expect in the park and it is recommended to stop by when entering or exiting the park.

Rides and Attractions

Valentine’s Day at Universal Studios Orlando can begin with the exciting rides and attractions at Universal Orlando. 

Together with your partner, ride challenging dark rides, roller coasters and motion simulation rides.

Have a happy moment on the less intense and fun rides, or soak yourself by taking on the challenge of the water rides.

The parks that make up Universal Studios Orlando offer a huge variety, as mentioned, and there is no shortage of fun to be had along with your darling.

Dining and Shopping

There are more dining establishments in Universal Resorts Orlando than you can care to count.

Mouth-watering food, refreshing beverages, light meals, desserts, snacks and more, you can fill your hearts with love and food while celebrating a Universal Studios Orlando Valentine’s Day.

Find what you wish to eat at the various dining establishments located in the CityWalk, Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and Volcano Bay.

If a Wine & Dine seems too costly, then the various food places are the next most suitable option for a fulfilling and delectable romantic meal.

There are also themed restaurants such as Three Broomsticks, the famous inn seen in the Harry Potter movies.

Valentine’s Day at Universal Studios Orlando is not complete without shopping. Browse through the various shops for accessories, gifts, souvenirs and anything else.

Shopping is a great opportunity to come away with an adorable present to your partner, matching items and something to mark the lovely day with your one and only.

Also, look for themed merchandise and clothes based on your favorite franchises, such as Harry Potter in the Ollivanders Wand Shop or the Gringotts Money Exchange.

Minions-related merchandise and other stuff are available at Evil Stuff and Super Silly Stuff shops.

Other themed shops for Spiderman, Simpsons and others are also available along with the Universal Studios Store, which features a big collection of attractive items. 


You can also enjoy various shows with your significant other based on your interests. Universal Studios Orlando conducts various appealing shows.

Be amazed at The Bourne Stuntacular and witness incredible stunts that lead to stunning visuals, or see the charismatic Blue Brothers Show or The Frog Choir.

With the whole day committed to each other, you can easily experience every feature the parks offer, and the shows are certainly engaging and entertaining. 

The shows also allow you to relax and have a moment with your partner amidst the various activities in the park as you enjoy a show together.

Events and Other Entertainment 

When spending time with your partner, you want it to go as long as possible. Fortunately for you, there are more activities so you can keep spending time together.

At Universal Studios Orlando, you can also indulge in arcade and carnival games such as the Galaxy Bowl bowling alley or Kingpin’s Arcade with claw machines and exciting video games.

There’s also more, such as Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle. This is a spectacular show featuring light and music that happens after sunset.

In this presentation, you see Voldemort, Dementors, Witches and his evil army cast an eerie shadow over the Hogwarts castle.

This show attracts many visitors and is an awesome experience featuring special effects, lights and music.

There are many other entertainment options and you can avoid missing them by making use of the park map and seeing the schedule on the website or app of the park.

Based on the scheduling you may also be able to catch concerts and dance performances that are organized frequently in Universal Studios Orlando.

One of the most notable of these events is the Hard Rock Live Orlando. Situated in Universal CityWalk, this venue is equipped with a bar and concession stand.

Not just that, it holds various concerts, comedy shows and skits that can be enjoyed by as many as 3,000 people in this capacious hall.

Some people plan a dinner, some visit a show, watch a movie or go to a carnival. You can do it all in one place with your love at Universal Resorts Orlando.

Featured Image: Robertsandwarwickphoto.com

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