Universal Orlando 2-day Park Ticket

Why are Universal Studios Orlando 2 day tickets better?

The 2-day park-to-park tickets allow you and your family to see and do more attractions and rides in all three parks at Universal Studios Orlando.

Visiting the parks leisurely without getting out of bed early is another advantage of Universal Studios Orlando’s 2-day ticket. 

If you stay in an on-site hotel, you can enjoy more hotel amenities like pools, bars, and restaurants when you choose a Universal Studios Orlando 2 park pass.

The ticket includes

  • 2 days of access to your choice of 2 or 3 Universal Orlando Parks
  • Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure, Volcano Bay

Ticket Prices

Visitor TypeTicket Price
Adult ticket (10 years and above)$397
Child ticket (3 to 9 years)$387
Infant ticket (upto 2 years)Free Entry

2-day ticket vs 1-day ticket?

You can experience only a few attractions with a 1-day Universal Studios Orlando ticket. 

A 2-day Universal Studios ticket allows one to enjoy the parks more relaxedly without rushing things. 

Even if you choose a Universal Studios Orlando 2 park 1 day ticket, you can only ride the Hogwarts Express one way. 

On the other hand, with Universal Studios Orlando 2 park tickets, you can ride the train both ways.

Who should buy 2-day tickets?

If you desire a relaxed vacation and want to enjoy the theme park more thoroughly, 2-day tickets for Universal Studios in Orlando are ideal. 

Two days give you plenty of time to explore the significant rides, shows, and other street attractions.

It will also have additional opportunities to engage in a few meet-and-greets.

However, to experience every attraction in all three parks, you must go for the 3-day ticket.

Can you do Universal Orlando in two days?

You will have a great time if you prepare and keep your expectations in check. 

Two days are enough to see all the major sights and have a quiet sit-down meal. 

Plan effectively with a Universal Studios Orlando itinerary to see the most in two days.

How many parks to visit on a 2-day park ticket?

When you buy a 2-day park ticket, you can choose to visit 2 or three Universal Orlando Parks.

The 2-day, 2-park, park-to-park ticket lets you visit Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure for two consecutive days.

Alternatively, with a 2-day 3-park ticket, you can visit Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay on the same day for two consecutive days.

So, which one should you choose?

If you are not interested in water rides, go for the 2-day, 2-park park-to-park ticket.

Here are your days if you choose a Universal Studios Orlando 2 park 2-day pass.

You start the first day with Universal Studios Florida and spend the second half of the day at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

On the next day, you visit Universal’s Islands of Adventure first and then head to Universal Studios Florida in the afternoon and experience the Hogwarts Express both ways. 

You will get plenty of time to explore all the rides and shows at the two theme parks, but you will not be able to experience the water rides.

On the other hand, a 2-day 3-park ticket will allow you to enjoy water rides in Volcano Bay on both days. 

The 2-day 3-park ticket is ideal if you and your family enjoy sliding-down rides in the water.   

2-day tickets dated (Non-UK/USA/Canada Residents)

2-day tickets dated
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Are you all set for a fantastic trip to the Universal Orlando Resort? 

Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure will provide a fun-filled day, depending on your ticket.

There are two options for you to choose from.

2-Park 2-Day Park-to-Park Ticket

Park-to-park in 2 parks in 2-day tickets for Orlando’s Universal Park grants one visitor entrance to Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme parks.

You can visit both parks on the same day by purchasing a ticket with a date. 

The ticket is suitable for use on any two calendar days within five days, including the day any portion of the ticket is utilized.

3-Park 2-Day Park-to-Park Ticket Dated

This ticket gives one person access to Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure, and Universal’s Volcano Bay all in one day. 

It’s a 3-park, 2-day ticket for Universal in Orlando, allowing park-to-park access. 

The ticket is valid for two calendar days within a five-day span, which includes the day on which any portion of the ticket is utilized.

Featured Image: UniversalOrlando.com

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