Skull Island: Reign of Kong

Skull Island Reign of Kong is a thrill ride based on the famous movie character King Kong. 

This adventurous journey takes you to the jungle, where a lot awaits you.

Enter the jungle with this ride where uncertainty greets you. 

Fend off attacks from vicious creatures and prehistoric monsters and come across King Kong, the imposing ruler of the jungle.

You can breathe a sigh of relief as he will help you fight all these dangerous creatures, or will he? Is King Kong on your side? Find out on this enthralling expedition.


Skull Island: Reign of Kong is a slow-moving, trackless dark coaster with audio-animatronics, 3D projections, simulated chases, and dark caves.

Although the attraction’s name features the name Kong, be prepared to see many spooky and predatory creatures.

To start, you get in an expedition truck driven by one of the five drivers who all have a history of their own. 

Beyond the gates, guests ride in trucks transporting supplies to a meeting place. We continue despite a gloomy mood and several cautions

They warn you of the dangers to come as you set off on this creepy yet interesting expedition.

You encounter fearsome creatures such as the Terapusmordax – bat-like creatures that might snatch you away.

Universal Orlando’s single-day tickets guarantee entry to all of the theme park’s must-see attractions, including the exhilarating Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride.

Giant worms called carnicitis and cricket-like Decarnocimex are also a scary challenge.

After facing more challenges, such as the ferocious Venatosaurus dinosaurs and even more dangerous and large Vastatosaurus Rex, comes the final showdown.

King Kong arrives to face off with the Vastatosaurus Rex as you teeter on the edge, a deep, dark and deadly pit awaiting you.

Its remarkable storyline, convincing effects, and the commanding presence of King Kong himself make it one of the best rides of Universal Studios Orlando

This attraction features mature themes, such as gunfire and frightening imagery, so it is best for adults. Younger visitors need a guardian to accompany them.


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This 6-minute ride starts with the guests entering under a giant statue of King Kong. 

Then, the guests enter into the temple of natives, featuring skulls and figures embedded into the walls.

Visitors receive a warning of the dangers that await them and pass the bodies of those ill-fated enough to have come across the Kong.

Then, you reach the base camp, where journey supplies are stored. 

Guests also encounter an animatronic worm. 

Guests then put on their 3D glasses, and Skull Island Reign of Kong begins.

Upon entering, you discover why this place is named Skull Island: shelves, mantels, and walls are covered in thousands of skulls. 

The people are trying to call forth Kong to frighten off the invaders. You quickly reach the internal camp, where visitors are escorted onto enormous transport trucks. 

The expedition leader is kidnapped as animals ambush us inside our meeting. 

The truck pursues across Skull Island, but just in time to avoid imminent death, Kong steps in to save us from a pack of dinosaurs. 

He gives a final growl as we pass, and we wonder if his intentions are good or bad. You may never find out.


The minimum height requirement for Skull Island: Reign of Kong is 36 inches. Those below 48 inches also require a guardian to be with them.

This exciting ride always has a lot of people waiting to get in; buying a Universal Express Pass is recommended for quick access. 

Wheelchairs can enter the attraction, but visitors in ECVs must transfer to a wheelchair to ride. The attraction has loud noises and water effects.

Rider Swap is available for groups whose members are shorter than the required height; inquire with a Team Member at the door for further information. 

This attraction is so fierce, frightening, and noisy that it frightens some adults.

The space between the ride vehicle seats is remarkably compact for this attraction.

Some taller and larger customers may find the ride vehicles uncomfortable or awkward.

The ride is a huge hit among those who attend the amusement park, and the Skull Island: Reign of Kong reviews also praise it for its action, adventure and setting.

Can you survive disappearing into the pit? Can you survive being snatched and eaten by the fearsome creatures of the Jungle? 

Who wins the fight between Kong and the dinosaur? Does Kong see you as an enemy? 

Get all these answers on Skull Island Reign of Kong.


Is Skull Island’s reign of Kong a roller coaster? 

To clarify, Skull Island Reign of Kong is not a roller coaster. It is a trackless ride with motion simulation.

The design of the attraction and the whole experience is very immersive and takes you right into the action with special 3D/4D effects.

Featured Image: Universalorlando.com

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