Pteranodon Flyers

Pteranodon Flyers is a kid-friendly ride in Universal’s Islands of Adventure amusement park. Adults can also accompany the kids and enjoy beautiful views of the park in this short ride.

Take flight with a pteranodon and get a bird’s eye view of the park. While Pteranodon Flyers height reaches big, this is a very safe and calm ride.

Many kids flock to Pteranodon Flyers and it is one of the busiest rides at the park.

There are no big turns or shocks; children who can’t or won’t go to the intense and speedy rides can enjoy a suitable time here.

Even the parents who accompany children on the ride find it relaxing. With beautiful views, tall heights and smooth movement, this ride is suitable for the whole family.

The Islands of Adventure Pteranodon Flyers opened up in 1999.

Ride Location Inside The Park

The Pteranodon Flyers ride is located in the Jurassic Park region of Islands of Adventure.

This region, in general, is quite popular among children for its dinosaur-themed rides and attractions.

This is not to say that adults won’t find much use of their time here, with thrilling rides such as Jurassic Park River Adventure and VelociCoaster.


The ride has been described as an “aerial coaster.” The ride goes on for 80 seconds but packs good entertainment value. 

You sit in the ride chair to start. This does not have much of a theme or story, as it is just a quick, kid-friendly ride.

The ride has a Pteranodon design, and its wings provide shade. For safety, there is a lap bar and a seatbelt.

Pteranodon Flyers move in a circular track at a height of 60 feet. You get amazing views of the park at a comfortable speed as the Pteranodon glides through the air.

Height Restrictions

The Pteranodon Flyers height restriction is a bit more specific. The minimum height requirement for Pteranodon Flyers is 36 inches. The maximum height is 56 inches.

But adults or those taller can still get on the ride if they accompany a person who meets the 36”-56” height requirement.

Additionally, those under 48 inches need a guardian to supervise them while on the ride.

If this seems like too much information, worry not. The height restrictions are mentioned on notice boards and the staff will help you too.

The ride is considered best for kids and tweens, basically children up to 12 years of age.

Since the ride is mostly meant for kids, only a certain number of adults can be on it for safety.

One thing to note is that at Pteranodon Flyers, a Universal Express Pass is not accepted, but there is a virtual line.


Here are some other things that you should know about Pteranodon Flyers:

  1. The ride is named after Pteranodons. They were a type of pterosaur or flying dinosaur. To put it simply, you can call them the birds of the prehistoric Earth.
  2. While the ride is only 80 seconds long, the line for it takes a lot more time. Since this ride has no fast pass, you should get a Virtual Line Pass.

    With a Virtual Line Pass, you will be given time to come back. This saves you from queueing and frees up the time to do something else meanwhile.
  3. This is not a thrill ride. It is a smooth ride catered towards kids, offering calm speed and fantastic park views.
  4. If a kid is afraid of heights, he/she can instead play around in the play area designated for kids in this park region.

The ride has its unique charm and has received laudatory reviews from critics, kids and adults alike, especially for the views it offers late in the day.

Kids enjoy it for the high but exciting experience, and adults prefer the calm nature of the ride along with great views.

Featured Image: Universalorlando.com

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