Parking at Universal Studios Orlando

Millions of tourists visit Universal Studios Orlando each year, a well-known attraction in Orlando, Florida. 

Hence, a visitor may have serious concerns about parking at the park. 

Universal Studios Orlando has set up parking arrangements to help guests have a convenient and enjoyable visit without delay.

Visitors have various parking options at Universal Studios Orlando, including Prime Parking, Valet Parking, and General Parking. 

General Parking is the most popular parking area near the park’s entrance.

How much is parking at Universal Studios Orlando?

Parking rates
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Parking at Universal Studios Orlando may be expensive, depending on the service and location.

Check out the Universal Studios Orlando parking fees below.

Type of ParkingCost
General Parking$27
Prime Upgrade$32
Prime Parking$60
Valet Parking$27 (for less than 2 hours)
RV/Bus Parking$32 per day

Where to park at Universal Studios Orlando?

Ensure you are familiar with the Universal Orlando Parking Address if you drive to Universal: 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

On Interstate 4, the Universal Orlando resort is halfway between Walt Disney World and the Orlando International Airport

Visitors have a selection of parking alternatives at Universal Studios Orlando. 

The North and South Garages are the two main parking garages at Universal Orlando. 

Both garages provide easy access to CityWalk and Universal Studios amusement parks.

The type of car and the time of day affect the parking fees.

Seamlessly enhance your Universal Orlando adventure with the Explorer Ticket, which gives you access to three parks for the price of 

If you’re staying at a hotel affiliated with the Universal Orlando Resort, you’ll get free parking near Universal Studios Orlando.

Parking can be paid for at the garage’s self-service kiosks or online in advance. You can also reserve in advance for $2–$5 less than the going rate.

Note:  Remember that parking costs are subject to change. For the latest information, visit the Universal Orlando website or contact them directly. 

Valet Parking

Another parking choice is valet parking or preferred parking at Universal Studios Orlando. 

Visitors can use this service, which comes at an additional cost, to have a valet attendant park and collect their car. 

Valet parking is offered at Universal CityWalk, the main entrance to Universal Studios Florida, and Islands of Adventure.

Aside from general parking in the multi-story garage, valet parking is right off Universal Boulevard.

The cost of Valet Parking depends on the length of the visit.

Length of your visitCost of Valet Parking
Less than 2 hours$27
More than 2 hours (before 6 pm)$75
More than 2 hours (after 6 pm)$40
More than 2 hours (Mardi Gras concert nights)$50

In addition to eliminating the trouble of parking your car, valet parking places you closer to the action. 

Thanks to a special security area only a few steps from CityWalk’s entrance, you are seconds away from the theme park.

Universal Prime Parking

Universal Prime Parking
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The most convenient parking spaces at the park’s entrance are for guests who choose Prime Parking, a premium option. 

This choice costs $60 daily and is accessible on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Prime Parking is available only during peak seasons and not at other times.

When visiting Universal Studios, exercise caution if you want to upgrade to premium parking.

Due to the structure of prime parking, if you arrive after the morning rush (after 10 am), you will be positioned on an excellent parking row, however, further away from the escalators.

This can put you in a worse situation than if you had parked in a regular spot.

Upgrade to Prime Parking

Prime parking is a free upgrade for customers picking up their rental car from Avis or Budget at Orlando International Airport.

When picking up the vehicle, you must ask for a voucher from the receptionist.

Show your voucher to the attendant when you reach the Universal Studios toll plaza. 

You will then be routed to a premium parking area after paying the $26 for general parking.

Special Parking

For visitors with impairments, the theme park additionally provides accessible handicap parking Universal Studios Orlando. 

These parking spaces are near the park’s entrance and reserved for guests with a valid license plate or disability parking permit.

Overall, visitors to Universal Studios Orlando have several parking options, depending on their budget and preferences. 

Whether you opt for General Parking, Valet Parking, or Prime Parking, be sure that you will find a spot to park your car and enjoy your day at the park.

Is parking free at Universal Studios Orlando?

Parking at Universal Studios Orlando is free only after 6 pm or if you are going to a midday movie. 

The theater will give you complimentary self-parking when you buy two or more movie tickets at Universal Cinemark and attend a matinée from 10 am to 6 pm. 

Although there are ways to park for free at Universal Orlando, you will still need to pay car parking charges at Universal Studios Orlando up front. 

After the film, you must show the Universal Cinemax box office your movie tickets and parking receipt. 

It’s also crucial to remember that during the Halloween Horror Nights event at the parks, free parking is not available after 6 pm.

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