Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast is an amusing Minion-themed attraction at Universal Studios Florida.

It is a shiny new activity that opened fairly recently in August 2023.

It replaces Shrek 4-D and is the second minion-themed attraction at the park.

Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast is described as a moving walkaway shooter entertainment where you use a blaster and test your talent and precision.

You are joined by Illumination’s Minions, Belle Bottom, Jean Clawed and the other members of the Vicious 6 as you rage a supervillain path in this fun, interactive outing. 

Minion Land

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minions Blast is located in Minion Land at Universal Studios Florida.

The area features other Minion-themed attractions such as the amusing ‘Despicable Me Minion Mayhem’ ride and the Super Silly Stuff Store featuring minion merchandise.

Other things to look out for are a cafe, popcorn stand, popsicle stand, meet-and-greet area and more.

This area is the newest addition to the park and opened in August 2023. 

Illumination’s Villain-Con Minion Blast opening date was 11 August 2023 while Despicable Me is operating since 2012 but was included in this area after it was inaugurated. 


Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast plays like a multiplayer game and is different from your usual dark ride or roller coaster.

In this ride, you use the E-Liminator X Blaster and attack the targets, gaining supervillain status along the way.

You are joined by Belle Bottom, Jean Clawed and the rest of the Vicious 6 as you blast your way through.

In the queue, take a look at the dastardly gadgets and weaponry that you can put to use once the experience begins.

You can download the Universal Orlando Resort app and sync it with your blaster. It is a good time to do that while in the queue.

Also, scan the Vicous 6 imagery on the show floor to get bonus points.

A video explains how the ride works before going to the pre show.

In the pre-show, you get to the show floor, which is designed with great attention to detail and helps with immersive attraction quality.   

A lot of companies are looking to sell their weapons to you for supervillain activities.

Become a top supervillain by selecting the best ammunition and hitting the targets.

Ride Experience

Illuminations Villain Con Minion Blast places you on a moving walkway. There are colored dots on which each guest stands.

Don’t worry about colliding with other guests, the conveyor is spacious enough and there is a margin for you to drift and move around as you demolish the targets.

Usually, the guests are seated and the seat does all the movements but this ride provides a different experience more in tune with the theme of the ride.

The E-Liminator X Blaster is equipped with ammunition such as Freeze Rays, Nunchucks that explode and Banana bombs among others.

There are two triggers on the blaster gun and if you sync it with your phone, scorekeeping, other perks, more types of ammunition are some of the things possible.

Like in any other game, through high scores and points you can get digital collectibles, trophies, customizations and other rewards.

There are multiple screens to aim at and there are also some tributes to other attractions at Universal Orlando that you might catch while looking to hit the target.

While the first try may be overwhelming, you can usually concentrate better and get a higher score if you go on the ride again.

Overall it is a fun experience that everyone can enjoy.

Height Restrictions

Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast is a kid-friendly ride that is suitable for everyone. Those under 48 inches in height require a supervisor to be with them.

Handheld infants are not allowed inside.

Universal Studios Florida Express Pass is eligible for this ride.

This multi-person, family-friendly ride attracts people of all ages. 

If you’re wondering whether to include it in your priority list or not, it is loads of fun but depending on your age and preferences, you can take it or leave it.

Many families go together to have a blast on this ride.


Illumination’s Villain Con Minion Blast has received good to positive reviews in its short time in operation. 

It received praise for the immersive setting, vibrant design and unique spin on ride experience as compared to similar rides.

The technology used and the app sync also came in for appreciation for leading to an interactive outing.

The Illumination Villain Con Minion Blast did receive criticism for too many visual effects and difficulties in syncing the blaster with the app.

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