Caro Seuss El

Caro-Seuss-El is a carousel ride that is quite a hit among children. It is themed after the famous cartoonist Dr. Seuss’ characters.

Let children lose themselves in a world of imagination and giddiness as they discover different characters and enjoy coming across their favorite cartoons.

Caro Seuss El is a ride where many parents make fond memories with their young children and it might not be the most technologically advanced or thrilling attraction, but it sure is a loved one.

You can probably crack the code. 

The Islands of Adventure Caro-Seuss-El ride is a wordplay on ‘carousel’ – the type of ride it is and ‘Seuss’ – the author whose work the ride has been themed. 

Enjoy along with the little ones at a sweet and simple ride catered to their enjoyment.

Seuss Landing

Caro-Seuss-El Universal Studios Orlando is situated in the Seuss Landing part of the Islands of Adventure. This area is full of rides and attractions catered to children.

Apart from Caro Seuss El, the island also consists of multiple rides that kids can hop on, as well as a play area and live shows.

Seuss Landing is a big part of why Islands of Adventure is a good option for a family vacation. Kids can make good use of their time in this themed area.

The ride and the themed area both opened in 1999. It is modeled after the popular books and cartoons of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel).

You may not find straight lines here but the whole family can appreciate other attractions.

Seuss Landing features restaurants, bookshops, stores, the aforementioned play area and live shows.

So, while the rides are mostly for the kids, adults can also find things worthwhile, such as sweet and delicious food, interesting and nostalgic books and quality time with their families.

Ride Experience

Caro Seuss El is a merry-go-round themed after various Dr. Seuss characters. Its charm perhaps comes from the very simplistic nature of the ride.

Children enjoy the carousel ride with their favorite characters. 

One special thing about Caro Seuss El is that kids can control the movement and expression of their favorite character through reins and levers attached to their head, mouth and eyes. 

When the kids look above, they can also see Horton the Elephant guarding the dandelion and its inhabitants, who are special to him.

Kids can ride popular characters like elephant birds, cowfish and mulligatawnies on this 2-minute ride.

Height Restrictions and Other Info

With Caro Seuss El Islands of Adventure provides little ones an opportunity to have fun of their own. Therefore, there are no minimum height requirements.

However, those under 48 inches tall need someone to accompany them.

You can also get on the carousel with infants or very young children, as the ride features bench chariots that allow for lap seating to keep the infants upright while on the ride.

The ride accepts Universal Express Passes and is wheelchair accessible.


Caro Seuss El is one of the major highlights of Seuss Landing. Children flock to the attraction and adults admire the nostalgic hit they receive from the ride and the area.

It may be a simple roundabout ride, but it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of children and adults for the memories made and time spent here.

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